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My name is Dr. J. Stephen Cleghorn. I am now a resident of Baltimore, MD. I continue to own a 50-acre certified organic farm in Jefferson County, PA that I operated with my late wife Lucinda between 2005 and 2011 when she passed away from cancer. The farm is now under lease to organic farmers and protected by "The Dr. Lucinda Hart-Gonzalez Conservation Easement” which protects it for organic agriculture and against the threats of industrial development that would violate the Rights of Nature. The blog’s name is taken from the writings of Saint Augustine who believed “Hope” to be the greatest of spiritual gifts. And, says Saint Augustine, Hope has two lovely daughters: Anger and Courage. Anger so that what must not be may not be; courage so that what should be can be. Anger and Courage. Now in late 2016, after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, these are the spiritual gifts that must come to the fore if we are to have “Hope” for a loving culture and a sustainable world for future generations. When I first created this blog it was focused on the extreme form of fossil fuel extraction known as “fracking” that was threatening much of the state of Pennsylvania and many other parts of the United States. At the root of that struggle was and is a struggle to halt and reverse climate change. Now the struggle has turned to resisting an incoming Trump Administration that is an existential threat to the climate with its plans to ramp up extraction and use of fossil fuels. This blog will be about having the courage to stand up to the massive global corporations that would ruin our planet and its climate, take their profits and leave the mess to future generations of to clean up. We need to rise up, my friends, and be not afraid.

“My Most Fervent Wish” – How to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Last Request

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg We live in polarized, partisan, deeply political times, and we are on the precipice of our nation becoming … Continue reading

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Dialoguing with a Trump supporter, is it even possible?

Here is a case study why political dialogue with a Trump supporter is so difficult. Too many of them speak in staccato talking points and go silent when you ask for their sources or present sources of your own to … Continue reading

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Barack Obama at DNC convention, 2020 – heralding a real change of direction?

When historians look back on the 2020 election in the USA, will they see a true “inflection point” – a real change of direction in American politics – and see this speech by President Barack Obama as the herald of … Continue reading

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(Note from Steve Cleghorn – none of this is my work. I am simply using my blog to pass along electronically to my Facebook page an important message from filmmaker and environmental activist Josh Fox about the movie “Planet of … Continue reading

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Teach-in and Lobby for Climate Justice

Maryland Catholics for Our Common Home “Teach-in for Climate Justice” and Lobby Night Monday, March 2, 2020 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM in Annapolis RSVP to   Maryland Catholics for Our Common Home 2020 Legislative Priorities Up to date information … Continue reading

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Making Lives Not Just Better, but Possible

(Note: I submitted this Letter to the Editor of the Baltimore Sun hoping that it would be published today, 1-8-2020, the opening of the Maryland General Assembly. Our lawmakers must prioritize action on the climate emergency along with the many … Continue reading

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Environmental Degradation and Climate Collapse – How do they differ?

Environmental Degradation and Climate Collapse What’s the difference and how does each affect how we live? How each relates to Laudato Si’[1]and our faith-based response by J. Stephen Cleghorn, PhD July 26, 2019 presentation to Colombiere Jesuit Community, Baltimore, MD … Continue reading

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For granddaughter Sage, on the occasion of her 18th birthday

Dear Sage – Welcome, voter! And Happy 18th birthday. Because of what happened on July 5, 1971 (when I was 21), when the voting age was lowered to 18, you are getting a 3-year head start on me for being … Continue reading

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Maryland Environmental Leaders’ Extraordinary Appeal for Clean Energy Jobs Act 2019

This is an advocacy letter, to be sure, but not one like you have seen before. This is not asking Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch to support a bill that can wait until next year if it does not pass … Continue reading

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A Facebook Dialogue on Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church – re the PA report

RE: More than 300 accused priests listed in Pennsylvania report on Catholic Church sex abuse (Washington Post, August 14, 2018) GORDON: Oh dear – mind if I take a moment from needling you on climate change to pose a nettlesome question … Continue reading

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